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Dr Beena Parmar - PsychWorks Associates

Dr Beena Parmar

Dr Beena Parmar is a dynamic clinician with significant experience of working with complex presentations across the lifespan and across

Dr Patsie Staite Psychworks Associates

Dr Patsie Staite

Patsie is an award-winning* Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years’ experience leading teams in the NHS and in the private

Rina Koradia

Rina is an accomplished professional specialising in family and systemic Psychotherapy, having worked with children and families within the NHS

Dr Hannah Osborne Psychworks Associates

Dr Hannah Osborne

Dr. Hannah Osborne’s expertise and experience make her a highly skilled and compassionate psychologist with a wide range of interests

Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan

More Information: Shabnam is really enthusiastic about bringing psychology to the treating medico-legal work and so she talks a lot