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Dr Nikki Bouvier

Dr Nikki Bouvier is a competent, compassionate and caring clinician with a wealth of experience, enabling her to offer the

Dr Lourina Ramsay

Dr Ramsay has extensive experience of supporting adults presenting with brain injury, having work predominantly in this field since qualifying

Dr Elizabeth Howl | PscyhWorks Associates

Dr Elizabeth Howl

Dr Elizabeth Howl is a Clinical Psychologist registered with over 10 years experience post-qualification, the majority of this experience being

Dr Heidi Muir Psychworks Associates

Dr Heidi Muir

Dr Heidi Muir is a dedicated clinical psychologist who has extensive experience working with complex trauma and populations. She is

Dr Elizabeth Knight Psychworks Associates

Dr Elizabeth Knight

Knowledge and skills in working with adults with learning disabilities and cognitive difficulties (e.g. following Stroke and Brain Injury). Significant

Dr Beena Parmar - PsychWorks Associates

Dr Beena Parmar

Dr Beena Parmar is a dynamic clinician with significant experience of working with complex presentations across the lifespan and across

Dr Angela Rogers | PsychWorks Associates

Dr Andrea Rogers

Assessment and Therapies offered: Providing support with: Adults & older adults Systemic support for families Couples Complex injury and health

Dr Saba Haq - PsychWorks Associates

Dr Saba Haq

Saba is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience who specialises in working with adults with neurological conditions. Saba is skilled

Dr Patsie Staite Psychworks Associates

Dr Patsie Staite

Patsie is an award-winning* Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years’ experience leading teams in the NHS and in the private

Rina Koradia

Rina is an accomplished professional specialising in family and systemic Psychotherapy, having worked with children and families within the NHS