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9. How to get the best out of recruiting

Steve Jobs once said:

“Hiring the best is your most important job”

Can you relate to this in your role as a Personal Injury professional?

Do you ever:

Dread recruiting?

Feel the pressure of time to find the right candidates?

Not know how to “sell” the job so people will apply?

Worry about balancing the clients needs and family needs?

Find it hard to ‘market’ the job?

Worry about how time-consuming/expensive it all is

Think “someone is better than noone” when there’s a gap in the care/therapy team?

Recruitment in healthcare is a £million industry and it based on the philosophy that ‘good fit’ people make the work more efficient and progressive for the client to achieve goals and a better quality of life. We reckon Personal Injury work is no different.

But, what factors contribute to good recruitment? Here are some tips from the experts:

Understand what will work for the client and their family because the context will matter.

Consider asking good employees – current and past – if they know someone.

Write good, attractive, but honest job descriptions.

Set values that guide the potential candidate (and pre-existing team!) towards an identity that works for the client/family.

For more tips, listen to our podcast episode on recruitment, or join the Personal Injury community where HR professionals specialising in PI hang out.

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