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Environmental Mission

The environment has never been more a priority than it is now. We are keen to absolutely make it a core part of PsychWorks Associates mission and to bring this priority more into the medico-legal field.

Co-Director, Gabriel Berry-Khan, has spent his entire further education and working life in sustainability, environmental impacts and planning. He is more than passionate about playing his part in slowing down the demise of the planet. Whether it’s his vegetarianism, his transport choices (cycling, public transport or electric car), organic food consumption, energy conservation schemes in the home, and all the little bits in-between, he lives and breathes this approach in his daily life.

After passing some AAT accountancy qualifications, Gabriel is now fully involved with running the financial section of PsychWorks Associates. We are incredibly proud to be able to say that from 2023, we will be incorporating an effective and relevant carbon-neutralising strategy as part of our core business.

Watch this space for more in time.