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Working With Us

What can I expect as a Case Manager?

Our Associate Case Managers are some of the most skilled clinicians in the holistic rehabilitation and catastrophic injury space. This is not just because they work hard to restore lives and consider well-being crucial with clients and their families, but because they do this with compassion, respect, inclusive sensitivity and skill.

And if that doesn’t seem enough, they believe in the emotional journey that our clients experience and how the traumatic impact of the injury ripples through to family and also the professional network. This comes from a psychological, cultural and human lens when working with our clients and that’s a clear recipe for success by our reckoning!

When you work with clients and families who have experienced life-changing injuries, you can support them in a number of ways, psychologically, physically, practically and systemically


Client and Family Support goals:

  • Understanding the emotional journey for the client and identifying blockages and 'stuckness.'
  • Supporting the family alongside the client’s needs.

Care Coordination goals:

  • Setting up and monitoring a package of care for the client, whether through a care agency or private employment.
  • Seeking appropriate residential placements and monitoring the provision, as needed.
  • Coordinating with statutory services such as health and social care to ensure the client’s needs are met appropriately, including funding and provision.
  • Coordinating with statutory and private therapy and services to promote the client’s rehabilitation and well-being.
  • Instructing and monitoring independent professionals and services to supplement statutory provision, involving therapists, psychologists, or services like orthotics.

Education and Inclusion goals:

  • Coordinating with the education authority, School Special Educational Needs coordinator (SENCO), and teaching team to ensure the client has an appropriate Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) that maximises access to the curriculum and promotes self-esteem and learning.

Home and Equipment goals:

  • Ensuring the client's property promotes independence and accommodates therapy and care needs, collaborating with architects, builders, and therapists if necessary.
  • Liaising with professionals to ensure the client has access to equipment promoting independence, comfort, and safety.

Community Access goals:

  • Promoting community access, including assessing wheelchair-adapted vehicles.
  • Working with the client and family to facilitate inclusion and participation in social, leisure, or holiday activities. Collaborating closely with solicitors and/or deputies to provide recommendations on costs related to private care packages, therapy, equipment, vehicles, recreation activities, or holidays.

Rehabilitation and Inclusion Activities goals:

  • Researching work, recreation, leisure, or play activities to promote the client’s rehabilitation and inclusion, such as riding for the disabled, hydrotherapy, outdoor pursuits, vocational rehabilitation, or accessing social/leisure groups.

Legal and Administrative Responsibilities goals:

  • Understanding the litigation process and the importance of keeping detailed notes of every interaction.
  • Keeping legal/insurer teams updated on progress and priorities as they emerge.
  • Providing a monthly timesheet/updating the client management system.

Why choose to work with PsychWorks Associates?

Whether new to case management or an old hand, our Case Managers operate as independent contractors. And we recognise the importance of fostering a positive and enduring business-to-business relationship. If you are committed to joining us as a Case Manager, you will observe our passionate dedication to this role. Our support and guidance within the Associate network are designed to enable you to excel in assessing, leading, and reviewing complex support packages—fundamental aspects that have contributed to our recognition as an award-winning service.

Our aim is to engage with you authentically, providing an environment where you can cultivate a work lifestyle that aligns with your preferences and circumstances. For instance, some Associate Case Managers may find fulfillment in traveling to client homes, while others may prefer local cases. Similarly, some enjoy involvement in the recruitment of care teams, whereas others thrive in working with family-led packages. We value the diverse preferences of our Associate Case Managers and strive to ensure that your perspectives are heard and acknowledged.

  • We have been around a long time and we are here to stay. Every year, we get bigger and better, and we have invested in our service hugely over the years. Plus, with the collective years of case management experience in our office team (over 50 years), we know what we are doing. We are a family-run and well-functioning outfit where we pride ourselves on seeing and hearing everyone.
  • Dedicated support from our operations manager to guide you through the first few months and act as an ongoing point of contact and guidance through your whole time working as a PsychWorks Associates Case Manager.
  • A dedicated Compliance team to support with CQC-related tasks and activities, so you can know that a specialist is helping you help your client and their family be, cared for, responded to, effectively supported from a well-led service.
  • Dedicated Clinical Support Assistants to handle administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on client interactions.
  • Comprehensive guidance on governance, including IR35 compliance, to ensure the protection of both you and your clients.
  • Regular networking and access to various subscriptions for continuous development including inception of the role, monthly inception check-ins and top ups and fortnightly peer networking meetings. We also share clinical papers and relevant information to robustly base our practice on.
  • Access to our resources to help you self-guide and feel empowered when navigating in the world of personal injury rehabilitation. From therapy specialists to HR providers, equipment services to care agencies. Having done this work for a number of years, we are constantly pooling resources to sharing knowledge accordingly.
  • Access to a dedicated Safeguarding team, trained at level 4, ready to collaborate with you on any concerns that may arise.
  • Our finance team takes care of invoice processing, ensuring prompt and accurate payments for your services.
  • Benefit from marketing support aimed at boosting your visibility, aiding in networking, and elevating your professional profile.
  • We facilitate professional progress including supporting those who want to achieve Advanced BABICM status

What next for you?

Regardless of your experience in the case management field, we fully appreciate that deciding to make any bold career move is not a small decision. This is especially true if you have never been a case manager before or if you have perhaps been in employed positions to date. Any move needs to be right for you and you need to be prepared for what it might look and feel like.

We recognise the courage that is needed to move to Associate case management work and this is why we have developed an inception programme that not only eases you into the case management role, but sets you up within the PsychWorks Associates family of office and Associate teams.

In a few short months of initial introductions to the processes and taking on some lighter work, you can safely and competently start in the role. We can then share more bespoke elements of the role as and when it feels right for you and/or according to the timeline of your clients’ journeys.
If you are more experienced in case management, after a shorter introduction to the ways we work, we would be willing to support your progress along the competencies set out by IRCM, BABICM and CMSUK to get recognition for developing Advanced skills.


Registered health professionals bring a variety of clinical skills and competencies that lend themselves well to case management. For example:

  • Compassion and Empathy: Your extensive experience as a registered health professional ensures the delivery of compassionate care, prioritising the emotional well-being of patients.
  • Communication Skills: Honed through patient interactions and collaboration with healthcare teams, your effective communication skills are invaluable for conveying information and coordinating with various services.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Accustomed to interdisciplinary teamwork, health professionals like you excel in collaborating with various professionals to provide comprehensive care.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: In dynamic healthcare settings, your ability to adapt to changing situations and patient needs demonstrates your flexibility, a crucial asset in case management.
  • Autonomy and Independence: Your background in making autonomous decisions aligns seamlessly with the autonomy required in case management, ensuring the best interests of patients.
  • Cultural Competence: Training in cultural competence ensures your ability to provide patient centred care that respects diverse backgrounds, enriching your approach to case management.
  • Positive Attitude: Maintaining a positive and professional demeanour, a hallmark of registered health professionals, instils confidence in patients and colleagues alike.
  • Professionalism: Adherence to ethical and professional standards is second nature to health professionals, ensuring the safety and well-being of clients in case management.
  • Customer Focus: Patient-centred care, a key principle in healthcare, resonates with your focus on meeting the needs and outcomes of patients, seamlessly aligning with the client-centric approach in case management.
  • Networking and Relationship Building: Your experience in building professional relationships with colleagues across healthcare disciplines establishes a strong foundation for networking and collaboration in case management.
  • Continuous Development: As a registered health professional, engaging in continuous learning and professional development is second nature, ensuring you stay updated on the latest advancements in your field.

If this sounds appealing and you'd like to explore the next step in your career with us, please read on:

You must have solid experience in your clinical profession and be registered with a professional health and/or social care body.

Compliance is essential, including having a valid DBS check, up-to-date ICO registration, and professional insurance. We can provide guidance on obtaining the necessary insurance.

You must be trained to Safeguarding Level 3 amongst other training.

Apply today

If you would like to have an anonymous, informal chat with us, we welcome a confidential conversation. Feel free to call Sharon, our friendly Operations Manager on 0204 570 3310.

On the other hand, if you feel you would like to apply for a role with us, please follow these next steps: .....

  1. Send your CV to
  2. You will be invited to a pre-commissioning meeting.
  3. Upon successful completion of the meeting, your inception and introduction will be devised and arranged with you.

If you are unsure whether your skills fit the above requirements, please do still be in touch...

A Message from our Founder and Managing Director, Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan:

“Thank you for taking the time to read this far. You know, one of the best things that ever happened to me was falling into case management. I say fall because I came across an Associate Case Manager advert, much like you have now, and I felt compelled to apply.

You might ask why a Clinical Psychologist, a rare breed in case management, would apply, but for me, it was quite simple: I wanted to feel like I was really making a difference unlike in the under-funded and restricted clinical space I was in at the time. I wanted a better lifestyle. I wanted more control over my professional and career choices. And, I knew I wanted to continue to work in and with supportive teams! 

Maybe these reasons resonate with you as to why you’re here, either as a new-to-case management enquirer or as someone who has case management experience but perhaps is looking for more from the service.

When I set up PsychWorks Associates, I vowed to ensure that Associates would want to work with me because we wanted all the things I wanted when I jumped ship: to make a real difference, to live a better life, to decide how I could develop my skills based on what I enjoy doing, and to work with like-minded others. I think I've achieved this.

I’m immensely proud of our uniqueness in being the only trauma-informed service with such diversity across both our psychology and case management branches. Regardless of their background and past history, we want to compassionately hear our clients' and their families' voices!

I invite you to apply – like for me, you never know what could happen… perhaps you will find your ‘professional home’, too. If so and it's with us, I look forward to meeting you.”

Dr Alice Nicholls goes through 4 reasons as to why you should work with PsychWorks Associates

We welcome new Registered Associates to join our network of Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, Art Therapists and Educational Psychologists, to take on exciting new cases referred to us.

You will see the values that we base our service and input on. You will also see what referrers are promised in the service that we offer.

​Our Associates are registered, experienced and highly specialised psychologists who share our commitment to provide an expert yet personable service to our serious and catastrophically injured clients from a range of backgrounds, and the professionals around them.

​Our clients and their families can have a range of needs:​

  • trauma, loss and grief support
  • adjustment to injury
  • identity issues
  • cognitive rehabilitation
  • family functioning
  • anxiety
  • behaviour support
  • anger
  • pain management

A fantastic organisation that offers highly responsive, well organised and comprehensive support packages. PsychWorks is proactive in supporting Associates with high levels of professionalism and is open to new and creative ways of working.

Dr Stavros Orfanos, PsychWorks Associates psychologist

Does this type of work interest you?

Much of the work is multi-systemic and our unique formulation model allows us to guide our clients, empowering them to achieve their goals, with the right support, in an authentic way.

​You will see the values that we base our service and input on. You will also see what referrers are promised in the service that we offer.

Therefore, our Associates ensure they have:

  • Time to undertake home visits and to liaise
  • An interest in trauma
  • A range of skills that they are comfortable to use from the individual to families to multi-systemic approaches.
  • The appreciation that they are working in a team and that communication is part and parcel of the work, possibly even more so than direct input.
  • Experience of using formulation to ensure the client is collaboratively understood and the input is as interdisciplinary as possible.


Why join PsychWorks Associates?​

We believe we are a nurturing and supportive group for psychologists who want to offer their skills in the field of catastrophic injury, but who want the support and security of being part of a sound medico-legal informed organisation. ​Specifically, we offer:​

  • Competitive rates of remuneration
  • Regular supervision, guidance and advice
  • Clear guidance and protocols to support our working practices
  • The opportunity to participate in career development via training and consultancy, research possibilities, as well as writing articles and blogs and guesting on our podcast, The Psychology of Case Management.

If you are interested in working with PsychWorks Associates, please contact us at

​All Associates are expected to have valid enhanced DBS checks.