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Diversity and Inclusion Mission

The lack of understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the world today is considered central to perpetuating bias, oppression, disrespect and marginalisation. PsychWorks Associates is challenging the status quo and bringing equal value and worth to all in the Personal Injury field.

As a group of diverse clinicians driven by our service values of Compassion, Respect, Equity, Acceptance and Trust, cultural competence and psychological safety for all are embedded in our practice, whether as a case manager or a treating psychologist.

Cultural competence is about having awareness, respect and understanding of the diversity around you because there are multiple ways of knowing, seeing and living.  It is about the relationships we make, how we work with our and others’ privilege, how we honour and celebrate the benefits of diversity, and how we make it our responsibility to foster inclusion and belonging as we work in people’s private homes.  By being a service with strong ethnic and linguistic representation, all our clinicians – regardless of their background – have an ability to understand and honour difference and actively promote fairness.

For our clients we aim to provide resources and opportunities that fit specific needs or circumstances for them to reach their best outcomes. It’s a process of adapting or making it possible for clients to engage in an activity in the first place rather than bending rules of the activity so fairness is questioned.

Having a service with such human-centred values and clinician diversity, our personal injury clients and their families are more likely to develop a healthy and unhindered sense of identity and belonging as they optimally rehabilitate, recover and heal from their life-changing injuries, safely and authentically.

Our Director, Dr Shabnam, says “I am extremely motivated to explore how conditions required for good equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging can successfully occur in the personal injury world where there is an over-representation of minority clients and an under-representation of diverse practitioners”.

If you connect with this mission as a case manager or treating psychologist, please be in touch about working with us.


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