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Brain Injury and Mental Capacity assessments

Brain Injury and Mental Capacity Assessments

Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan and Eleanor Tallon share their insight into how to complete a suitable assessment

Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan from Psychworks Associates and social worker Eleanor Tallon discuss mental capacity assessments and share their insight around what professionals should consider to complete a suitable assessment

Assessing mental capacity is often a complex and difficult task, and this can be even more so when a person presents with a brain injury. In case management, understanding capacity is core to our work yet with the complexities it brings, we need to be sure we are refreshed and updated in our knowledge. After all, the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) was designed to empower people who require decision-making support, and protect the autonomy of those who may lack the capacity to make their own decisions – a huge responsibility in the quest to get the best quality of life we can for our clients.

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For capacity assessments, case management and treating psychology support for seriously and catastrophically injured clients and families with a focus on trauma-informed approaches and EDI values, please contact Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan on or – we would be happy to support you and your clients!