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PsychWorks Associates Building-Strong-relationships

Building strong relationships in rehab – but with who?

In this article, Dr. Shabnam Berry-Khan emphasises the importance of forming strong therapeutic relationships not only with clients but also within interdisciplinary teams. By fostering respectful, warm, and trustworthy relationships among team members, the overall quality of rehabilitation for clients can be significantly improved. The article discusses the concept of the therapeutic alliance and its application in interdisciplinary teams, highlighting the need for shared goals and a shared vision. Practical strategies for promoting collaboration and shared visions within teams are presented, including recruitment of an interdisciplinary team, informal sharing, keeping the client’s story at the center, addressing outliers, reflective supervision, and creating an open and safe culture. Emphasising the positive impact of strong professional relationships on individual therapists, the team, and ultimately the clients. Highlighting the importance of building relationships within the team to optimise support for clients.

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