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Psychworks Associates - Family support in rehab

Family support in rehab

Now we are recognising the need for family support in rehabilitation, who do we get to provide the therapy?

In the medico-legal field, the recognition of comprehensive family support during rehabilitation is growing. Dr. Shabnam Berry-Khan emphasises the importance of acknowledging the traumatic impacts of injury on families and the need for qualified and regulated practitioners to provide the necessary support.

Research highlights the crucial role families play in rehabilitation, and their well-being directly affects client outcomes. Dr. Berry-Khan insists that supporting families is non-negotiable and calls for the appointment of skilled therapists to ensure their safety and effective care. Tokenistic approaches must be avoided, and the focus should be on selecting professionals with the right qualifications and expertise.

PsychWorks Associates works with seriously and catastrophically injured clients, their families and their professional networks. We provide qualified and skilled clinicians familiar with the processes around working with such injuries, from litigation to care management, CQC and collaborative working. If you feel that our team of treating psychologists or case managers could support your client or their system, please be in touch via on or via our referral form.

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