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Penguins, values and self-care

How many times have you heard busy people say “I have my best ideas when I’ve taken a break”? What is that about and how can we borrow from those breaks into our everyday life, so we feel like our best ideas are available throughout the year? 

This is a version of self-care that makes a lot of sense to Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, MD, clinical psychologist and Advanced BABICM case manager at PsychWorks Associates, and social worker, and safeguarding consultant and trainer Linda Sayers, founder of Sayers Social Care Consultancy. 

Here they reflect together on some key aspects of their training backgrounds and experience to unpick what keeps them sane in the busy and stressful life of personal injury work.

Self-care fatigue is real: the struggle to find something that works for us in our busy lives and that doesn’t leave us feeling like we’re failing ourselves somehow and then possibly giving up.

Layer on top those ah-ha moments that people talk about when on a break and not being able to switch off when on a break meaning that even a holiday isn’t enough. 

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