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The importance of interdisciplinary working

The importance of interdisciplinary working

Adopting such practices can enable becoming more effective as practitioners and improve client outcomes, says Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan of PsychWorks Associates

Working in a truly person-centred way can have life-changing results for clients – but while teams aspire to deliver this, how many truly do? 

Dr Shabnam Berry-Khan, clinical psychologist, Advanced BABICM case manager and founding director of PsychWorks Associates, highlights the importance of taking an interdisciplinary approach to client rehabilitation – and how, by thinking about our whole underpinning, we can achieve another score for reflective practice

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PWA SBK Conceptualisation Model
The client – the central component

By having a model to work from, and refer back to, this can be the means for any individual members of the team at any point in the client’s rehabilitation – outside of the usual multidisciplinary team meetings – to facilitate collaborative working.

Ultimately, what we are all trying to achieve is the best possible quality of life for our clients, and we all want to do everything we can to support them in this. By embracing a truly interdisciplinary way of working, we are finding a way forward which will benefit the team, the clinicians within it, and crucially, the client. Perhaps you will join us in this revolution? If so, take a look at and be in touch.