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13. Using a virtual assistance to improve efficiency

Qunote filing of emails

Proof reading and formatting of reports

Generating invoices

Chasing late payment

Booking appointments

Supporting a team of case managers

Preparing terms and conditions

Preparing associate agreements

Preparing data sharing agreements

Updating template forms

Outsourcing some of your routine and non-urgent tasks can be a brilliant way to reduce your overwhelm and increase your efficiency

To learn more about how it works, read on….

How the process works

Tracey has phone/Zoom call with case manager to identify what admin services are required and how we can best support them. She explains how it works, the hourly rate, the log of tasks with their invoice, who will be their dedicated Virtual PA.

Send out terms and conditions for case manager to sign via DocuSign.

Introduce the case manager to their dedicated Virtual PA – let them have a chat

Case manager decides on a way forward with their Virtual PA, what tasks to start with first.

Case manager has a catch up phone call once a week with their Virtual PA.

First month’s invoice sent to case manager with the log sheet of tasks carried out.

Work continues as requested by the case manager with their Virtual PA.

Monetising Time for Case Managers

Typically 30% of your day will be spent on admin tasks, for example:

2 hours per day can be spent on the filing of emails on Qunote with a case load of about 6-8 clients

2 hours over the period of a day checking emails and responding to client’s needs, other requests from your solicitors, therapists, support workers and new enquiries

1 hour per day typing up notes from meetings and calls (which can be done on audio)

1 hour per day typing up and creating reports, checking costings from therapists

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