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11. Is your work model the best fit for you?

Henry Ford once said:

Quality means doing it right even when noone is looking”

Are you working in such a way that your personal values are brought out to show you in your best light?

Do you ever:

Wonder if work fires up all

your cylinders?

Whether you are as fulfilled

as you can be?

Feel like you’d like to do things

a bit differently?

Think that the way you

work is supportive of all

your life goals?

Understanding where you are going in your life is an important question to ask in our work life because it will determine our vision, our values, our mission and goals. All 4 components are needed to shape the choices we then make in our work lives.

But, how do you define these 4 components? Here are some ideas:

VISION: What change would you like to make in the world? How do you want your personal life to look? Go wild here!

VALUES: How are you going to be in your business? What personal qualities are important to you? What aspects of your life do you want to maintain?

MISSION: How can you take action to make your values-based vision come true? Who will you help, with what skills, to uphold what features of your life, what does your best life look like?

GOALS: Make them SMART and consider what holds you back eg mindset or practical issues etc

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